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The mission of The Voluntary Labour Corps Provincial Headquarters in Warmińsko-Mazurskie in Olsztyn is to raise and educate young people whose lives start are hampered by the barriers and dangers of our current social reality. Carrying out its statutory tasks The Provincial Headquarters of The Voluntary Labour Corps (WK OHP) pays special attention to achieving its two major functions, namely, the hiring of young unemployed people and the provision of education and socialization for the unqualified, neglected youth.
The organizational units of the WK OHP are: Educational and Training Centres in Mrągowo and Pasłęk; Environmental Labor Corps in Elbląg, Ostróda and Giżycko; Labor Corps in Pisz, Olsztyn and Ełk. These units allow the educationally neglected youth to complete their education, acquire new qualifications, improve their employability and change their employment status. In the units presented above, young people have the opportunity to complete their educational duties while at the same time to gaining specialised professional qualifications in public schools: secondary schools with professional qualification units, secondary schools for adults and vocational schools. They aim to help young people obtain professional qualifications by training them to complete vocational preparation for a specific job or learning the skills required for that job.
Mainly, it is young people who come from groups which are at risk of social maladjustment, who have a lack of education or who are deprived of the proper conditions which would allow them a strong start into adult life that are accepted into organizational units. In respect to education the most important segments are: preventive measures of marginalization, social pathologies and addictions as well as re-socialization and socialization. Educational actions are realised mainly during the course of work but also by organisation of cultural-educational, recreational-sport and tourist enterprises. They direct the activity of young people to attractive, useful and developmental activities. Some examples of enterprises being realized on the area of the province are e.g., Provincial Competition on Knowledge of the European Union “Faces of the World”, Provincial Stage of “Skilful at a job” Competition, Provincial Presentations of Amateur Artistic Creativity of the OHP Youth, Provincial Competition of the OHP Youth in Football, Provincial Competition in Table Tennis, Chess and Checkers, etc. The winners of the above events are representing W-M WK OHP during country enterprises organized by General Headquarters of OHP.
Warmińsko-Mazurskie Provincial Headquarter of OHP also provides services within job market scope – Educational and Youth Job Centres coordinate realization of activities in the range of active forms of unemployment prevention and in the range of providing educational services on a local level. Their activity is most of all preventative in character against dangers that are connected with unemployment and impoverishment of the society and all the negative consequence that derive from that. Mostly students, graduates, unemployed or job-searching youths use the offers of these units, which are intended for all the local community. In 2007 to Youth Job Offices that offer free services in the range of employment and job offers providing about 4500 of still studying or unemployed young checked in. Job offer agents re-directed to work about 4100 people of whom 2584 people took up their jobs. About 15710 people in 2007 used services provided within the framework of counselling, consultancy and profession information in Job Clubs, Mobile Centres of Profession Information and Youth Carrier Centres. WM WK OHP is also occupied with the realisation of tasks resulting from agreements and bilateral arrangements on mutual citizens hiring. From the moment of taking over of bilateral agreements realisation by Voluntary Labour Corps WK OHP in Olsztyn registered approximately 1050 people altogether that were interested in going to Germany, France and Spain and for almost 400 who have obtained permissions to leave for a legal job abroad. The activities within the job market are supported by Vocational Training Centres whose activities are directed at training courses for OHP participants, the unemployed and students from free recruitment. The Centres are initiators and organizers of a wide range offer of training and vocational courses which improve qualifications or re-qualify the unemployed in different professions and specialities needed in local markets. WK OHP also gives support for the idea of creating School Carrier Centres (SzOK) within the premises of secondary schools and higher facilities which centres aim at aiding the students in choosing the proper direction for their carrier path.
The Provincial Headquarters of OHP in Olsztyn also realises on the area of Warmińsko-Mazurskie province projects and programmes co-financed by the European Social Fund as well as from a Youth in action Programme and Polish – German Youth Cooperation Programme. The realised initiatives are enterprises of social-cultural, educational, activation and job training character. They allow young people from different countries for a direct contact. They favour dismantling cultural and language barriers, overcoming stereotypes and creating conscious citizen attitudes. They are perfect occasions to get to know different countries and cultures as well as propagate the knowledge of the native country. WM WK OHP is in strict cooperation with partnership organizations from European Union: Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland, Finland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Byelorussia and France. Last month WM WK OHP made a contact with the countries of Southern-Eastern Europe: Bosnia, Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia and Serbia.
In the framework of projects co-financed by The European Social Fund the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Provincial Headquarters of OHP in Olsztyn realised projects in the framework of Sector Operational Programme of Human Resources Development since 2004 thanks to which it gave support to almost 1000 young people from the area of Warmińsko-Mazurskie province. In the present period of programming for years 2007-2013 the framework of Operational Programme Human Capital WK OHP realises successive financial enterprises financed from EFS. Through promotion of vocational activation projects it supports unemployed youth who is in the risk of marginalization or social exclusion. In the framework of projects free lessons, courses and practical training are conducted thanks to which young people gain job qualifications, are able to take up employment or have economic activity, increase one’s self-esteem, gain ability to move around the employment market and overcome personal weakness.



ul. Narutowicza 4, 10-581 Olsztyn
tel./fax (089) 527-62-03
e-mail: warminsko-mazurska@ohp.pl


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